LVT Commercial Luxury Flooring

Luxury Meets Affordability

All of our products are made in the US with 100% Non-Toxic Virgin Materials, are completely water proof, designed with simplicity in mind from install to maintenance, and are backed by our renowned warranty.

+ Made in the US with 100% Non-Toxic Virgin Materials

+ Water Proof

+ “Seriously Easy to Install” Design

+ Available in Plank (6″x”48″) or Tile (18″x18″) Design

+ Lifespan 3x Longer than other Vinyls

+ 4mm Thickness with a 22mil Wear Layer



Beautiful wood designs with an elegant finish that are perfect for any school, office, hospital or any commercial setting.



With a natural stone look, these commercial floors give a clean and solid feel.


LVT Commercial Luxury Flooring

Best Selling Wood Flooring

Samples $3.99

Best Selling Stone Flooring

Samples $3.99

Custom Commercial Designs

Inspire Uniqueness


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Our floors are 100% waterproof and a perfect solution for your recreational vehicle. Our floors can be cut to almost any sizes and taped or glued down on most any sub-floor

Recreational Vehicles

Simply lay our floors over existing floors in RVs or remove the previous floor, SCF flooring adds a modern and sleek feel to any recreational vehicle

Tradeshow Floors

Our floors are light and easy to pack in and out which make them the perfect solution for a tradeshow floor. With the ability to customize the floors to any design, they make the perfect brand accessory



Looking for the perfect affordable solution for your school, sports team or non-profit? Look no further than our custom floors that can be installed in minutes and can take a beating year after year

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Installing our flooring is easy and hassle free. Designed with you and mind, it's made for easy install and removal to fit your needs. View our list of instructions for full details

Shop Custom Floors™ will furnish replacement flooring free of charge if there is a loss of original pattern and color under normal residential and/or commercial use of Shop Custom Floors™ plank/tile for the number of years as indicated below provided the flooring covered by this warranty is installed and maintained according to instructions.

Choosing you design is easy. With over 40+ custom designs to choose from, you'll find the exact flooring solution you're looking for. Whether it's for your home, RV, trade-show or just a temporary placement, we've got you covered.